Fluke Fishing – Montauk Charter Boat

Montauk Fluke FishingFluke are known as summer flounder. Lady Grace VI takes charter fishing trips off the waters of Montauk for fluke from May to September. Most fluke are one to 10lbs, though they can get up to 25lbs and live up to 20 years. Like most members of the left-eye flounders, fluke change color and pattern of their dark side to blend in with the Long Island water bottom. Fishing for fluke is usually done with live or cut baits on a bottom rig, artificial lures or weighted jigs tipped with strip baits. The summer flounder is frequently considered to be a significant flounder on the Atlantic coast as it is important to both the commercial fishing industry. Fluke are popular sport fish in the northeast U.S and especially on charter boats in Montauk, Long Island.

A Fluke fishing charter in Montauk is often a fun change of pace from the rest of the island’s species. On the Lady Grace charter boat we often use baited hooks and small weights to  bounce along the Montauk ocean floors while enjoying a relaxing drift provided by the beautiful ocean breeze. This charter boat experience is  great for kids and for adults it offers a welcome break from the fast paced and often exhausting fishing on the surface. We can offer an entire charter boat experience that focuses on fluke (summer flounder) but very often we can provide a drift or two with any of our Montauk Charter boat excursions.

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