Blackfish Fishing – Montauk Charter Boat

blackfish fishing montauk sunriseThe Blackfish, also known by its Native American name Tautog, is an aggressive, bottom-dwelling sport fish. They live along the coast in rocky areas and may be found near pilings and jetties in and around Montauk. There is an abundance to be found at reefs in the Atlantic Ocean, just south of Long Island. Tautog can be fished during Lady Grace VI charter trips originating from the West Lake Fishing Marina in Montauk, at the east end of Long Island, New York.

Crabs are the best bait for blackfish, though keep in mind that some degree of skill is required to catch this sport fish, which can grow to 22 lbs. Because the blackfish can be tough to reel in, it is necessary to anchor a Montauk charter boat over the east Long Island waters in which they are concentrated.

Our Charter Boat Captain Will Be Your guide:  Blackfish are are often the most challenging  fish to catch.   They are famous for stealing bait and they also require some skill in terms of anchoring, bait presentation and hook setting… but with proper guidance and assistance, once hooked they provide one of the best pound for pound fights.

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